COPD disease in horses – the complete story

Horses which are exposed to dust or air pollution might get this disease. Exposure to dust might come from their bedding material , food ,environment . Below video depicts a horse wheezing





Treatment might include the usage of anti inflammatory therapy and bronchodilator therapy . Life expectancy can be improved by reducing the exposure to dust and proper medical treatment. Steroids are the commonly used drugs after the onset of COPD. Your vet would give the complete details about the treatment methods for your particular case. Lot of times it depends on what stage the COPD is in and what kind of damage was done already. Heaves are sometimes caused by the hay that the horse feeds on . So enough care has to be taken to ensure that the environment is clean for the horse. Some of the treatments mentioned here COPD treatment might give you some idea about the terminology used although that piece of article is for human COPD.