COPD exacerbation

What is exacerbation ?

When the symptoms worsens the situation is termed as flare-ups or exacerbation. This is one of the biggest reason as to why the COPD patients get hospitalized.

How is it diagnosed ?

Spirometry, arterial blood gas tests , x-ray , oximetry are some of the ways your doctor can use to diagnose the condition

What are the causes ?

pollution , direct smoke or second hand smoke , perfumes , improper healthcare , infection , weather conditions can ignite the situation.

How to prevent this ?

1)You should take the medication prepared for you on a regular basis. You should use the inhaler in a proper manner

2)Beware of your enviornment . Dont be a victim of second hand smoke. Also be wary of pollution in the air

3)Get vaccination like pneumonia shots , swine flu shots on a regular basis

4)Keep yourself sanitized. Wash your hands and keep yourself in hygenic enviornment

5)Diet and exercise are important to avoid unnnatural conditions like exacerbations.

symptoms to look for:

1)Abnormal increase in shortness of breath

2)Increase in thickness of mucus . Sometimes change in the colour of mucus in noted. Yellow , green and brown are the colours that you would see

3)Increase in coughing levels


5)swollen ankles

6)Change in color of skin,nails

7)Difficulty in sleeping

treatment methods:

Antibiotics , oxygen therapy , combination drugs , steroids , Bronchodilators are some of the treatment methods

icd 9 and exacerbations:

ICD means international statistical classifications of diseases. These codes are assigned to every diagnosis , description of symptoms and cause of death.Below are some of the ICD 9 codes for respiratory diseases