COPD life expectancy – Your life in your hands

COPD is a critical situation faced by people who show symptoms of lung cancer. The more early this condition is diagnosed among the affected people, that better the chances of recovery are. This disease cannot be cured. However, with early detection and nurturing proper care, the life expectancy can be increased. Intake of advanced medication as prescribed by the doctor helps not only to lead a healthy life but also thwarts all the tensions associated with the disease. People who are affected by COPD must be given enough care and affection on a personal basis besides regular supplements of medicine.

How to increase COPD life expectancy

Provide the treatment based on the spirometry calculations such as FEV1 and FVC.

Determine the intensity of COPD through forced expiratory volume per second (FEV1). If the patient is facing more difficulty in exhaling air then the condition is termed to be advanced. In such cases, the health of the patient must be monitored with utmost care. Continuous efforts in regaining the normal pulse rate of breath ensures increased life expectancy.

Evolve COPD treatment plan based on the intensity.The nature of the treatment given to COPD affected patients depend upon the intensity of the disease. Several parameters are taken into consideration before finalising on a specific plan. Some of them are age of the patient, gender of the patient, BMI , smoking status.

Importance of exercise:

Below video from new york times emphasizes the need for exercise


What is BODE index ?

Bode index is a tool that can be used to predict mortality associated with COPD . The points on BODE index range from 0 to 3. It takes into consideration FEV1 , body mass index , dyspnea and exercise tolerance. Higher bode index relates to higher mortality rates. BODE index sometimes gives better prediction for anxiety in patients than other standards.

Life expectancy calculator:

You can use this link which is really good in giving you some calculation:

COPD life expectancy calculator

Dealing with different stages:

Download the above PPT COPD life expectancy PPT

COPD life expectancy for stage 1:

When the FEV1 is less than 80% of normal the patient is diagnosed as stage 1 COPD . Patient may or may not notice symptoms .

Life expectancy for stage 1 people is only slightly less than the normal people. It is around 17.4 years for a male who is 65 year old. Patients who continue smoking will have shorter life than who does not smoke or who stop smoking. 14 yrs is the approximate life expectancy period for current smokers (65 yr male)

Diet and exercise help here to enhance the chances of stretch in the life expectancy

Life expectancy for stage 2:

When FEV1 is between 50% and 80% a patient is diagnosed as stage 2. Shortness of breath , Cough and mucus are common symptoms here

A stage 2 COPD is expected to live for 17.1 if he has smoked never in his life. Current smoker has 12.0 yrs of life and former smoker 15.9 years. This is according to the research conducted by Robert M Shavalle and others. All these readings apply to 65 yr old male

Life expectancy for stage 3:

When FEV1 is between 30% and 50% , the patient is in stage 3. Severe cough ,shortness of breath , cough and mucus are the symptoms Stage 3 patient is expected to live for 16.5 if he has not smoked in his life. Current smoker has 8.5 years and former smoker 11.7 years

Life expectancy for stage 4:

Stage 4 patients has FEV1 less than 30% and this is a very serious condition. He/she is expected to live for 16.5 if he has not smoked in his life.  This stage patient has the same numbers as stage 3 patient.

Factors influencing the recovery:

Several treatment options are available once you are diagnosed with COPD. So depending on what stage you are in , plan your treatment accordingly. If you are a current smoker you should stop the habit immediately


Smoking causes COPD disease

Smoke pack years is a factor influencing life expectancy

Bronchodilators,Corticosteroids,Oxygen therapy are some of the treatment options available. Proper diet and exercise also helps in enhancing the lifestyle of a COPD patient

COPD patients with diabetes:

Diabetes and COPD is not a good combination at all. If you have COPD and you are in stage 3 or 4 , you might have exacerbations . And if you are hospitalized during this time , it is most likely that you might end up staying in hospital for a longer time if you have diabetes.

Diabetes patients have to take good control over their diet and monitor their glucose levels on a regular basis. So you have to regularly test your oxygen levels as well as glucose levels when you have both the conditions.