COPD news of the week – 08/26/2011

On this portal I am planning to review news related to COPD on a weekly basis. This week I found the following interesting :

1)Antibiotic usage might reduce the flare-ups and hospitalizations:

In a study conducted by director of University of Alabama Birmingham lung center it was found that long term usage of antibiotics(Azithromycin) might reduce the occurences of COPD exacerbation and thereby minimize the hospitalization period. A typical COPD patient has flare-ups 3-4 times a year and if proper dosage of antibiotics is taken benifits are observed.  Read more on improving your COPD life expectancy

2) Dogs detect lung conditions

In a study conducted recently dogs were able to detect lung cancer independent of COPD in about 71 samples of 100 . Dogs check the smell in the breath and with that they were able to detect the presence of the condition . These patients had certain chemicals present in their breath and henceforth the dogs could easily distinguish their breath from that of normal beings

dogs copd

3) Impact of heavy metals

Cadmium and Cobalt metal concentrations in the urine tests might prove to be risky . In a research conducted by Shikhar Agarwal, MD it was found that 10 fold increase in cadmimum levels in urine could result in tripling the risk of getting COPD.

4)Bitter substances help COPD patients ?

In a research conducted on rodents it was concluded that bitter substances help in relaxing og bronchioles and thereby enhance the breathing condition.