copd symptoms

Symptoms vary depending on the stage of the disease. Also you should not determine your condition just reading things on internet. Consult your doctor immediately if you are in doubt.  Below are some symptoms for COPD

1)Cough : Normally this is chronic and repetitive

2)Shortness of breath(dyspnea) : Depending on the severity of the condition , you might see varying levels of this symptom

3)Mucus : Mucus production is accompanied by cough. Thickness of mucus and colour of mucus might change during exacerbations

4)Tightness in chest: Only chest tightness can not be assumed as the effect of COPD. Doctor advice is required here.

5)Symptomps of flare-ups including swollen ankles , change in color of skin and nails are some of the symptoms.

6)wheezing : Sound during inhaling and exhaling is loud enough that you can hear it

Table with stage and symptoms


Risk factors:

Usually people with age above 40 years are prone to this disease.  Smoking is the number one cause for COPD condition . The risk is proportional to the total pack years. Working conditions like usage of metal , welding , dusts and other conditions also impact the onset.

Why women are in the risky zone?

This is a tricky question to answer as there is no clear cut equation that defines the answer. Genetics , women jobs , smoking status are some parameters that make women more vulnerable. Symptoms in women include severe anxiety levels and shortness of breath when compared to men.

Ask the following questions to yourself:

Do you have shortness of breath all the time?

Do you cough for a longer period of time ?

Does your cough produce mucus ?

Do you have occasional flareups ?

If the answer for above questions is yes then you have to consider getting tested.

COPD is not asthma:

COPD is often diagnosed for people aged over 40 years wheras asthma first appears in childhood or teenage years. In many cases asthma can be reversed whereas COPD condition can not be reversed. Also dealing with exacerbations in COPD patients is quiet difficult when compared to asthma

COPD is not lung cancer:

Lung cancer have symptoms that are very similar to COPD symptoms. But there are some differences like Lung cancer patients cough up blood where as blood is not seen in COPD patients. Your doctor might use biopsy to determine the cancerous tissue