Cor pulmanole -right heart failure

Cor pulmanole is also known as right side heart failure or right ventricular enlargement. This is normally caused by the defect in lungs. 75-80% of the cases diagnosed with this have COPD. Right-side of the heart pumps the blood to lungs where the blood will become oxygen rich and thereby supply the oxygen rich blood to the rest of the body through left heart.  copd life expectancy can be better if conditions like this doesnt grow chronic.

What is acute cor pulmanole ?

It occurs due to massive pulmanory thromboembolism. This is the condition where the length of vetricle increase

what is chronic cor pulmanole?

It occurs due to recurrent , medium – sized emboli that fail to lyse but organize resulting in this condition.

Pulmonary hypertension the real cause:

Hypertension in the lungs is the cause for this condition. This is nothing but the high blood pressure within the blood vessels of the lungs . And this is believed to cause the right heart failure issue.

ECG: This is a test that measure the electrical activity of the heart. ECG is a good test to diagnose any heart related ailments. But angiogram is a better test in finding the minute details inside the heart valves. Chest x-ray and echocardiogram are other tests


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kidney problems

liver problems

treatment options:

1) oxygen therapy: Supplemental oxygen is the best method to treat this condition

2)Several medicines like Bosentan or Slidenafil can be used .

3)Transplant of lung is suggested for chronic conditions

4)Blood thinning medications