How to test for COPD – diagnosing COPD

There are several tests that can be conducted by your doctor to diagnose this condtion:


This is the most common method of testing for COPD condition . The patient is asked to inhale and then exhale completely into the tube leading to spirometer. This process might be repeated multiple times to get accurate and consistent results.

Two things measured here are :

1)Amount of air blowed out

2)How fast the blow out happens

Some of the manufacturers include spirodoc , spirolab , spirotel , oxi-pulse

Below video illustrates how the COPD is tested

Chest x-ray :

Chest x-ray by itself can not rule out COPD presence. Early stages of COPD are not caught using this test . Spirometry is the test that would help diagnose the condition in the baby state.

chest xray

A sample chest xray

Arterial blood gas tests :

This is commonly performed on the left hand radial artery for right-handed persons and vice versa .

radial artery and blood gas test


Below video illustrates how the procedure is conducted :