How to use COPD inhalers ?

There are several types of inhalers that can be used to inhale medications. Using inhalers results in reduction of side effects. Inhalers are also known as puffers. Inhalers are commonly used for COPD treatment .Three types of inhalers are common:

1)metered-dose inhaler

2)Aerolizer inhaler

3)dry-powder inhalers

How to use metered-dose inhaler ?

There are 3 methods that you can use your metered-dose inhaler: 1)open mount 2)closed mouth and spacer. Using spacers help in reducing the medicine deposit in mouth and throat.

Open mouth :

COPD inhalers - open mouth

COPD inhalers - open mouth

Closed mouth:





How to use metered dose inhaler ?

How to use Aerolizer inhaler ?

Aerosol inhalers are small in size and deliver the medicine as spray.

How to use dry-powder inhalers ?

Dry powder inhalers eliminate the aerosol component which are harmful to the environment.Diskus is one example for dry-powder inhaler

How to use Diskus ?

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