What are the causes of COPD | How do you get COPD ?

Smoking :

There is direct correlation between the smoking status and COPD onset. Most of the people get COPD either due to current smoking condition or past smoking condition . Doctors calculate something called smoke pack years . For example if you smoke 5 cigarettes every day for 5 years then it is equal to one smoke year

Calculate your number of pack years by clicking on the below link


Air pollution

Traffic related pollution and other types of pollution directly cause this condition . A study was conducted based on the levels of NO2 exposure and you can read more details about the study here http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/10/101019111536.htm

Secondhand smoke

Although you do not smoke often you can be a victim of second hand smoke. Refer to the following video on second hand smoking

Genetic link

Deficiency of a protein called AAT is also linked to COPD . AAT is a rare condition and it accounts for a small percentage of the causes for this condition

Industrial dust and chemical fumes

Below are some of the reasons:


non-smokers : are they at risk ?

Occupational risk is one of the primary factor linked to the onset of COPD in non-smokers. Coal workers , miners are some of the people that get this disease. Long term welding work is also related to the disease . Long term pollution exposure and genetic link might be other causes

COPD symptoms give you an idea if you have COPD already or not