What is shortness of breath ?

Shortness of breath is also called as dyspnea . This is the condition where the patient has a feeling that he/she can not get enough air as needed. Shortness of breath is not always associated with a medical condition . Although you look very healthy , you might still have difficulty in breathing when you climb stairs or do a household chore.

shortness of breath at night time:

If you have condition like nocturnal asthma , then there is a possibility that you might experience problems during night . If you elevate the hight for your head of the bed , there is a chance that you willl sleep better. Adding extra pillows will increase the hight of the head and thereby help you.

what are the causes of shortness of breath ?

There can be several causes of shortness of breath . Accurate answer can be given by your doctor after he performs the required tests

- Heart disease like heart attack and heart failure

- Lung disease like asthma ,COPD , pulmonary embolism , lung cancer

- kidney failure


These are only some of the conditions and there are numerous other causes that can be related to this condition

Below are some of the tests that might be conducted by your doctor to analyze your condition:

Tests for shortness of breath

Tests for shortness of breath

Heart disease ?

Angina or blockage in the heart. When there is a blockage the body might be short of oxygen and thereby triggering breath problem. There are other problems like heart failure that might cause this

Lung disease ?

Pulmonary hypertension , COPD , bronchitis , emphysema are some problems associated with this condition

Pregnancy ?

You get breath problems when you are pregnant and proper posture  and exercise might benefit in this situation

Severe shortness of breath

This is a serious condition and you should consult doctor immediately

COPD and breath problem:

Breath issues are common in COPD patients . If you have other conditions like wheezing , tightness in chest it is advised that you consult doctor and get tested.

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